Geographically, this property is located in the South Yuba River Canyon between the town of Washington (downstream) and Lake Spaulding (upstream). Nevada City and Truckee are each about 40 mins from the property. Hwy 20 is the primary access point followed by 20 mins on well-maintained dirt roads. To ensure total privacy, this property is accessed by a 1/8 mile hike along a level trail overlooking the river. The trail into the property is a former wood flume bed that carried water to Gold Rush-era hydraulic mines. It features stacked rock walls and meanders through mixed conifer forest, oaks, and rock outcroppings. Metal and wood bridges are in place along the steepest sections of the canyon wall.

The property features stunning views of the South Yuba River canyon, as well as the cascading waterfalls of Fall Creek & Trap Creek coming off the Bowman Lake Road/ Grouse Ridge area. Located in the canyon, the property is extremely steep (elevation range from 3800-4400 ft) and features countless rock features – walls, boulders, overhangs, etc. The more well-known “Emeralds” rock climbing area is located just a few miles upstream. There is tremendous potential for developing new climbing routes and trails both on and adjacent to the property.

A 25-minute hike down an old mining trail (or faster by trailblazing) is the South Yuba River with stunning swimming holes, secluded beaches, hidden campsites, and great fishing for wild trout. Throughout the area, Gold Rush history is present almost everywhere with old flume beds, mine shafts, quartz pieces, rusty old equipment, square nails, etc. Gold can still be found...

The property has been outfitted with a tent camping platform overlooking the canyon that comfortably holds two tents plus room for a table & chairs. It is the ultimate stargazing platform with no cars, no road noise, no lights, and no neighbors. It also makes a perfect platform for yoga and meditation. A steel box has been secured to the platform allowing you to store essential camping gear. A 100-gallon rainwater collection system has been installed for cooking and wash-water. There is also a year-round spring located at the trailhead.

Within the normal realm of thinking, this is not a property that is buildable. Construction would require either hiking in building materials or bringing them in by helicopter – challenging, but definitely not impossible. The extreme terrain would allow for a very unique, dramatic design. There is very little level ground.

This is truly a remote, wilderness paradise for the RIGHT person, but it is not for everyone. This is extreme terrain and not well-suited for young kids. The road to the trailhead requires a HIGH-clearance 4WD and can be inaccessible during the winter (though there is a popular snowshoeing and cross-country loop nearby). This property is for someone that wants to own a piece of real California wilderness. This is a special piece of property – there is not much left like it anywhere in California.

Price: $45,000. For more information, please contact (530) 200-3278 or by email at